Institute for Tropical Medicine, Travel Medicine and Human Parasitology of the University Clinic Tuebingen (UT)

The Institute of Tropical Medicine, Travel Medicine and Human Parasitology (ITM), specializes in infectious diseases like malaria, (neglected) tropical diseases and human parasitosis.

It is the competence center for tropical medicine in Baden-Württemberg. An outpatient clinic and inpatient facility within the Medical Clinic are available for patients. The Institute of Tropical Medicine is a member of the German Center for Infection Research (DZIF) and specializes in clinical trials.

The clinical trial platform established at the institute represents a core structure for the University Clinic and the University Tübingen. Strong translational collaborations with international (intercontinental) partners are paired with a wide range curriculum for medical students.

Main tasks in the project

The UT team assumes the leadership on the project for Data management and analysis